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Seeking and Finding Universal connections through Oneness of Truth

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Who are we?

We are a Service Organization specializing in Resource  Management .

We believe that each and every one of us has the ability to derive Total Value for the work done – using internal returns to complete and balance external returns. This, we believe  would lead to  Universal Oneness. Our foundation is Commonness and we facilitate Diversity on that Common Foundation.

We are leading practitioners of Triple Bottom Line (Policy, People & Profit) Principle

We are an association of professionals from Australia and Sri Lanka, seeking to provide world class services in Managing Policy, People & Money.

Our members bring into our Resource Pool, wide and varied experiences from which we draw to serve the needy and facilitate those whose seek to find fulfillment in their work.

The deepest value of our service is our high level of 'ownership' work – beyond money and status rewards.

This gives us the independence and we are now actively involved in policy contribution whilst helping disenfranchised groups manage and govern themselves on project basis.

Value Added / Delivered

Connecting existing resources and outcomes to the expected outcomes – is performed through the above approach and showing clearly

(1) the outcomes that would be produced through 2.1 through mandatory assessment using Objective criteria,

(2) facilitating the strengthening of process through 2.2 above – measured through Key Performance Indicators

(3) governance through 2.3 above – by identifying policy contribution.

This is how we help achieve the Triple Bottom Line – Policy, People (Process) & Profit (Money).

Our Logo


We believe that spirituality is an essential part of civilization. Our logo above depicts the spirit of our fight for freedom from ignorance. The lamp above Dancing Shiva's head is from our temple in Thunaivi-Sangarathai in Northern Sri Lanka and depicts the spirit of community service

Nanthi / Bull on the left represents Intellectual Righteousness/Dharma, in particular - the Tamil University of Jaffna as well as Jaffna College – which recognized our work naturally and showed valuation. The latter is from Vattukottai - the area where the first claim for a separate state was made by the Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam. It is therefore a most challenging task to reinforce the importance of education in that area.

Australian flag on the right represents Australians who share in our belief and quietly share confidence to take our belief to the Public/International level. The strongest show of such confidence came from genuine workers at the University of New South Wales, including from its Chancellors.

Lord Natraj / Dancing Shiva at the Center depicts Active / Kinetic Energy which is work. Our genuine work for Australia and the limitations by all institutions and individuals who are yet to invest in common with migrants including from Sri Lanka has given birth to the claim Australian Tamils as a separate identity delivering diverse results. We believe that we need to feel that group power and that Australia needs that group power until we are able to develop merit based systems in Education and Security to assess those of different ethnicities and cultures. That subjective power flows from belief that we belong. Some develop it as individuals and others need group power towards developing this sense of belonging.

Those who believe they belong, automatically protect the group that they feel they belong to. This is the basis for devolution of power on any apparent differentiating factor that cannot be comfortably overridden by the custodians of power who have the requirement to discriminate and distribute benefits and costs on just basis. We realize the complete value of our work as follows:

External – to show and prove through conscious calculations based on Objectively measurable outcomes

Internal – to know through common faith based Subjective assessment and share largely through Due Processes

Universal – to realize by transcending both of the above to feel and naturally connect to Universal Energy – to become the system – Thou Art That.


Q – What is the core purpose of this website?

A –
Sharing experiences to realize Oneness

Q – How is this achieved?

A –
By pooling the true experiences of all concerned in relation to an event or a chain of events so that we feel in the shoes of each other – as if we are One family

Q – What are the benefits from interacting through this website?

A – We believe that each one of us has the solutions we need for any problem that we experience. The rest is really not our problem and we need to separate that and deal with it in common. By sharing with others who have invested more deeply in an issue – we feel their strength as ours and hence are able to reduce our problems to the ones we could find solutions for.

Q – Will I be able to help others through this website?

A – Once we are able to identify with the problem as well as the solution – we have the capacity to share that experience with others in need.

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