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  • Pilot Project Report Women Headed Households (Whh) In Chankanai Division [2013]

    Sri Lanka is struggling to recover from three decades of war and at the same time, efforts at various levels are being  focused to prevent future wars.  The basic family unit needs to be strong towards this and due to high proportion of male deaths, disappearances  and disabilities during the war, women in these families are facing the need to take over responsibility to lead the family.

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  • Batticaloa [2013]

    Monday, 06 October 2008. I decided to call off my intended trip to Batticaloa, in Eastern Sri Lanka. I was tired and was wondering whether to go or not to go. I was tired due to the long journey to Jaffna and back. It takes a whole day and a whole lot of checks which seem to keep reminding us that we are all terror suspects. After sometime, one gets used to it and often it becomes part of the routine. In other words, we successfully submit to second class status by merely undertaking that journey to the North.

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  • Serving Thunaivi [2013]

    Development of the Thunaivi Village in Northern Sri Lanka primarily through Educational Activities– by becoming part of the Thunaivi Community which considered itself to be a disenfranchised part of Northern Sri Lanka. Thunaivi is a small village within the District of Vattukottai in Northern Sri Lanka made up largely of descendants of those by tradition were toddy-tappers. Today, many young ones of Thunaivi have put themselves through formal education and are seeking higher standards of living.

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  • News and Events [ January-2012 ]

    Batticaloa Widows in sewing class, Chettikulam Camp Widows, Prize Giving at Vaddu Central College-Prize money donated by Mrs. Malini Prabaharan of Australia, Graduation ceremony of Jaffna Technicians at Kandana, Karate Class of Thunaivi - Karate Teacher Jeevarasa of Vaddu Central Alumni and more news items listed in this newsletter.

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  • News and Events [ September-2011 ]

    Widows / Single Mothers Our women in Northern Sri Lanka now seem more motivated and enthusiastic in finding self-employment at various levels.
    Sale of Clothes Clothes (new and used with care) donated by Australian Tamils were transported to Thunaivi and were priced at nominal values.
    Library Facilities The generous contribution by Athys Jewellers of Dandenong; Victoria; Australia - to Thunaivi has helped accelerate our plans to establish libraries in rural areas around Vattukkotai and Kilinochchi.

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  • Auspicious & Ceremonial Opening of the Sangarathai - Thunaivi Community Development Secretariat

    Jaffna Government Agent Mr.K.Ganesh Opened the Community Development Secretariat.

    The Conflict Affected Area Rehabilitation Project commenced in April 2005 and has successfully progressed to the stage of being more or less managed by the local folks under the leadership of Government Authorities.


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  • School of Human Values

    Hundred and Four children have registered with the school and they are tutored by youth from the local area. The school is resourced by Australians as well as Sri Lankan Government (Ministry for Hindu Culture). Almost all teachers were provided with basic Management training through Australian Tamil Management Service.

    Letter to Amman Temple - English
    Letter to Amman Temple - Tamil

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