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Our Basic Approach

The basic principle on which we operate is that the work we do produces outcomes at three levels:

Tangible Outcomes:

The work that we have already done and are comfortable with - this part of our work is available to any independent user and therefore needs to be produced through Objectively Measurable Outcomes/Values. This facilitates any independent person to calculate, invest and obtain returns with assurance of accuracy.

This part of our work is measured largely through money. The process through which the Objectively measurable outcomes are produced, is not to be interfered with as a mark of respect for the person who has done enough work to produce independently measurable outcomes. This part of our work is for 'show and tell' purposes. Where one has done genuine work but is not able to derive objectively measurable benefits – that work would automatically go to Process (2.2) if it were done to earn respect from others or to Ownership (2.3) if it were done for our own soul satisfaction. The latter gives us self confidence to perform beyond our local boundaries. The former gives us group power.

Process & Goodwill:

This is the part of our work through which we connect to each other's mind rather than producing objectively measurable outcomes. The e actual work leading to objectively measurable outcomes would have been done in the past by others before us and/or distant from us. This part of our work is for goodwill purposes – and is the royalty we pay to use the work of those who produced objectively measurable outcomes.

Knowing the process and maintaining the integrity of that process is therefore most important for this part of our work. This is usually covered by Standard Procedures.

The value of this work is measured largely through Status with fellow investors and opportunities to develop structures and systems. Where we are not able to use Objectively measurable merit basis – it is important to have standard procedures and credit is attributed as per adherence to standard procedures.

Standard procedures strengthen the Common / Zero base and are the media for Subjective credit. They indicate institutional human resource power and are essential in line management.

Ownership & Opportunity :

This part of our work is beyond calculations and is for our own satisfaction. Where that work is not shared with others it is for the individual, by the individual. Where that work is shared with others and it attracts participation, that contribution must form the basis of policy at that level. Due process as per 2.2 above would flow from that policy.

Whether it is for the individual or for the institution, that work must not be obstructed because that is what gives us the feeling that we belong and also the automatic connection to fellow owners. This is the Soul Power of an institution.



Q – What is the core purpose of this website?

A –
Sharing experiences to realize Oneness

Q – How is this achieved?

A –
By pooling the true experiences of all concerned in relation to an event or a chain of events so that we feel in the shoes of each other – as if we are One family

Q – What are the benefits from interacting through this website?

A – We believe that each one of us has the solutions we need for any problem that we experience. The rest is really not our problem and we need to separate that and deal with it in common. By sharing with others who have invested more deeply in an issue – we feel their strength as ours and hence are able to reduce our problems to the ones we could find solutions for.

Q – Will I be able to help others through this website?

A – Once we are able to identify with the problem as well as the solution – we have the capacity to share that experience with others in need.

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