Australian Tamil Management Service

Seeking and Finding Universal connections through Oneness of Truth

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@ Australia

Australian Tamil Management Service
906/ 56,
Carr Street,
Coogee N.S.W. 2034,

Tel: 61 2 9315 7417

Australian Business Number:
34 860 228 526



@ Sri Lanka

Australian Tamil Management Service

Thellippalai Road
Vaddukoddai Junction
Sri Lanka


Australian Tamil Management Service
25/2 Maheswari Rd,
Colombo 6,
Sri Lanka

Tel: 94 21 2051313

Sri Lankan Corporate Number:
P.V. 65187


Bank Details

Name of Bank: St George Bank

Name of Account:
Australian Tamil Management Service

Account Number:
BSB 112-879



Q – What is the core purpose of this website?

A –
Sharing experiences to realize Oneness

Q – How is this achieved?

A –
By pooling the true experiences of all concerned in relation to an event or a chain of events so that we feel in the shoes of each other – as if we are One family

Q – What are the benefits from interacting through this website?

A – We believe that each one of us has the solutions we need for any problem that we experience. The rest is really not our problem and we need to separate that and deal with it in common. By sharing with others who have invested more deeply in an issue – we feel their strength as ours and hence are able to reduce our problems to the ones we could find solutions for.

Q – Will I be able to help others through this website?

A – Once we are able to identify with the problem as well as the solution – we have the capacity to share that experience with others in need.

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